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When it comes to siding, soffits, fascia and eaves, there are hundreds of choices available. The first challenge is selecting the right material for the job and budget, whether it is insulated siding, vinyl siding, specialty siding, aluminum siding, or steel siding. The second challenge is the installation and making sure the job is done right – the first time.

The experts at Action Home Improvements will help you choose quality building products you can trust for exceptional beauty, performance and value on vinyl, aluminum and steel siding. Then your Action Home Improvements team will get to work!

Insulated Siding

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchInsulated vinyl siding will create an energy-efficient building envelope for your home. Combining Genur ultra-premium panel with a high-density insulation provides an integrated siding system of remarkable strength and performance – keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer – all with less energy spending!

Vinyl Siding

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchWith meticulous attention to profile design, colour and texture, Gentek vinyl siding marries the classic elegance of handcrafted wood siding with the easy-care properties of premium vinyl. Its perfect balance of style and substance makes vinyl siding an excellent selection for your home

Specialty Siding

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchA superb collection has it all – the irresistible character and charm of classic shakes and scallops, along with the impressive strength of a high-performance polymer construction. Each profile combines modern practicality with the inviting ambiance of a natural wood finish, while securing the siding panels together for a weather-tight exterior.

Aluminum Siding

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchWith Gentek aluminum siding, homes have the classic looks of hand-cut wood, coupled with the exceptional durability of high-performance aluminum. Warm and luxurious colours in a variety of profiles let you create a home exterior that’s beautiful, yet strong.

Steel Siding

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchGentek steel siding is an excellent choice for homeowners who want an exterior that’s as strong as it is beautiful. The rich, natural-looking colours and authentic wood grain textures give your home a markedly superior finish, while protecting it with a steel shield.

Fiber Cement

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchFiber cement is a popular siding that features a variety of profiles, textures and colours. Gentek offers the Certainteed line of fiber cement siding to expand your exterior design options.

Soffit & Fascia

Action Home Improvements, Ontario, PuslinchWith crisp, clean lines and impeccable style, Gentek soffit and fascia will lend the perfect finishing touch to your home, while providing essential ventilation for the eaves and rafters. Count on Action Home Improvements to guide you through the process of properly maintaining and enhancing the beauty of your home for years to come. Give us a call today!


Not all shingles are created equal, and neither are the companies that install them. Do you need a “shingle-swapper” or a team of dedicated craftsmen that will replace AND repair everything from rafters, trusses and sheathing to valleys, saddles, and flashings. We want you to be confident when telling your neighbours what a great job we did! How do you hire a roofing contractor?

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has published the following information on Buying or Replacing a Roof, which we encourage you to carefully review and follow when contemplating a new roof.

Buying or Replacing your roof? Don't get scammed!

Home renovation problems, including roofing, are among the top consumer complaints in Ontario. Take the following precautions before you buy a roof:

  • Ensure that you get written quotes for the work to be done on your roof, and make sure that they contain everything you ask for.
  • Make sure you understand what you are signing for and what is included.
  • Make sure the invoice, estimate or contract gives the full name of the sales person and the name, address and phone number of the roofing contractor.
  • Ask your contractor to see any safety gear that will be used on the job, and ask if the workers have been trained to work safely.
  • Avoid any contractors who try to offer you a tax-free deal to replace your roof. This can be a sign that a business is not only avoiding tax responsibility, but other important consumer and worker protection responsibilities as well. >> Read more…

How Do You Know When It's Time to Call in the Experts?

When you start to notice signs of age, or wear and tear on your roof. Unfortunately, roof damage can go unnoticed for a long time. When you start to see shingles that are buckling, bulging, curling, or tearing, it’s time to investigate repairs or replacement. Talk to the pros at Action Home Improvements.

Action Home Improvements carries the best names in durable roofing products, such as Bankor, BP, CRC, DECRA, Duraflo, GAF, and Owens Corning. We’ve got you covered! Request your free estimate today.

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